Youth and Parent Perspective

Christopher discusses his experience with OCD and his own message of hope for himself and others.

Mother and Daughter discuss mental health and suicide

A mother and duaghter discuss mental health and family

Randy discusses mood disorders and youth

Randy discloses mental illness to reach out to youth.

Simone recalls her struggles in school.

Val discusses her ADHD and school.

Peer specialist adds wisdom to parenting & deaf commmunity.

Sara tells her story of bipolar with the help of her mother, Nanci.

Rosa drops out of school as others miss her illness.

Chevon finds self acceptance a key to her resilience.

Love of art and DBT helped Tara work through her anxiety.

Katie wins her life back from OCD with her therapist.

Sumi tells his story of bullying and OCD and his recovery.

A hopeful future living with schizoaffective disorder.

Alex's story of intrusive thoughts and finding the help he needed.

Many families miss the signs of trouble. 

Susie dicusses parenting, OCD recovery and stigma.