Mood Disorders

Brandon discusses the many effects of bullying that led to other mental illness and his path to full disclosure.

Grief led to depression and addiction - self-acceptance and clubhouse were key to recovery.

Reversing self-stigma was key to Rick's recovery with depression and anxiety. 

Mother and Daughter discuss mental health and suicide

A mother and duaghter discuss mental health and family

Jessica talks about mood disorders

Jessica discusses mental health

Randy discusses mood disorders and youth

Randy discloses mental illness to reach out to youth.

Therapist's brain tumor leads to mental health support.

Sara tells her story of bipolar with the help of her mother, Nanci.

Sidetracked by bipolar mania discovers recovery.

Rosa drops out of school as others miss her illness.

Chevon finds self acceptance a key to her resilience.

Pastor's path of depression and supportive church response.

Journey of trauma & depression recovery from youth to now.

See Colleen's mood disorder recovery story grounded in art.