Classroom Strategies

The Safe Person Decal 7 Promises created and demonstrated by local High School students.

Randy discusses mood disorders and youth

Randy discloses mental illness to reach out to youth.

Strategy to manage transitions. 3rd grade

Class tests actvity to stimulate brain for learning. 3rd grade

Behavior skills built via positive consequences. 3rd grade

Create community in opening moments of class. 3rd Grade

Sense of competency via expectations. 3rd Grade

Strategies for reading that offer engagement for all. 3rd Grade

Strategy to engage all students in discussions. 3rd Grade

Encourage focus on effort rather than outcome. 3rd Grade

Acknowledge anxiety and model resilient thoughts. 3rd Grade

Strategy to engage all students in discussions. 7th Grade

Redirect student from behavioral challenge. Preschool

Tools to respond to need for movement. Preschool

Calm, consistent support for behavior skills. Preschool

Build competence via self assessment. Kindergarten

Behavior skills via positive feedback. Kindergarten

Example of behaviors tied to past trauma. Kindergarten

Create belonging via noticing. Kindergarten

Accomodate need to be active while learning. Kindergarten

Behavior support via expectation review. Kindergarten

Choice increases motivation. Kindergarten


Engaging unresponsive student. First Grade

Public praise, private guidance. First Grade

Care and activation response to sadness. 1st Grade

Using assignment as context for connection. 1st Grade

Delaying response for de-escalation time. 5th Grade

Bullying intervention with 3rd grader and mentor teacher.

Responsibilities foster community. Fifth Grade 

Anxiety at School - #4 Prevention. 

Anxiety at School - #2 Safety Thinking

Anxiety at School - #3 Exposure 

Anxiety at School - #1 Slow Breathing