(Wisconsin's Stories of Empowerment)
Tenacity . Strength . Dignity . Mental Health

Mission: WISE is a statewide collaboration of organizations and individuals promoting inclusion and support for all affected by mental illness by advancing evidence based practices for stigma reduction and outcome evaluation.

Strategy: People with lived experience of mental health challenges strategically telling their story of finding ways to live in recovery is the current primary evidence based practice and drives the focus of WISE. Individuals' attitudes improve when they have direct contact with persons living in recovery with mental illnesses, when they can get to know people beyond labels and myths.

Rogers InHealth provides facilitative leadership to the team. Patrick Corrigan PhD, an expert stigma researcher, is the lead academic consultant and evaluator for WISE. (See blog post) Participation in WISE is open to all and actively includes people with lived experience.

Our first collaboration was to create a toolkit that provides a framework for organizations to implement evidence based stigma reduction plans and support for evaluation. To receive a copy of the toolkit and to inquire about joining WISE, email Rogers InHealth.

Activities to meet goal of significantly improving inclusion and support:

  1. Educate organizations and individuals on the TLC4 model - targeted, local, credible, continuous and change-focused contact with people living in recovery with mental illness. (recovery as defined by SAMHSA)
  2.  Support organizations to design, implement and evaluate community level plans for targeted sectors such as employers, faith congregations, healthcare, diverse ethnic groups, etc.
  3. Establish a regional staffing model to equip project consuktants and train/support local storytellers (inclusive of the arts)
  4. Conduct evidence based evaluation to drive continual improvement of design and implementation processes
  5. Sustain those activities that demonstrate positive outcomes

Participant and Partner Organizations as of November 2013:

  • Care Connections (Waukesha County NAMI Support Group)
  • Center for Suicide Awareness
  • COPE Services
  • Dry Hootch
  • Faith Partnership Network
  • Grassroots Empowerment Project
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • The LaCrosse Mental Health Coalition
  • Latino Health Coalition
  • Marian University
  • MHA Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee Center for Independence
  • NAMI WI and multiple local affiliates
  • Prevent Suicide WI and multiple local affiliates
  • Rogers InHealth
  • Rogers Memorial Hospital
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Walker’s Point Clinic and Core El Centro
  • WI Certified Peer Specialists Network
  • WI Department of Health Services
  • WI Family Ties
  • WI Hospital Association
  • WI United for Mental Health
  • Family and friends

Members include a majority of individuals with lived experience.