Stories of Recovery

Stories of Recovery


Val discusses her ADHD and school.


Hannah discusses her struggle with trichotillomania, a hair p

Reversing self-stigma was key to Rick's recovery with depress

Love of art and DBT helped Tara work through her anxiety.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Elizabeth talks about self-harm, dissociative disorder

Elizabeth talks about recovery with borderline personality di

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Debbie discovers her deaf identity and help for mental illnes

Peer specialist adds wisdom to parenting & deaf commmunit

Eating Disorder

Disclosing her eating disorder led to closer ties with family

Eating disorder and addictions overcome through hard work.

Hear Denise's joy in recovery with OCD and Eating Disorder.

Mood Disorders

Claire shares how she found relief from depression.

Jetavious finds path of recovery with depression.

Pastor's path of depression and supportive church response.


Bailey's recovery includes helping young girls with OCD.

Susie dicusses parenting, OCD recovery and stigma.

Christopher discusses his experience with OCD and his own mes

Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizoaffective disorder masked by substance abuse. 

A hopeful future living with schizoaffective disorder.

Mackenzie shares her story of recovery from schizoaffective d

Substance Use Disorders

Recovery with eating disorder, bipolar & addictions. 

Mark overcame substance abuse & helps fellow veterans.

Eating disorder and addictions overcome through hard work.

Talking without Labels

Understanding dissonance between his mind and the outside wor

Discover strengths in recovery- illness doesn't define you.


Courtney describes trauma and addiction and life in recovery.

Grief led to depression and addiction - self-acceptance and c

Sarah discusses her recovery from addiction and peer support.


Hannah discusses her struggle with trichotillomania, a hair p

Youth and Parent Perspective

Katie wins her life back from OCD with her therapist.

Mother and Daughter discuss mental health and suicide

A mother and duaghter discuss mental health and family

Sumi tells his story of bullying and OCD and his recovery.