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Stories of Recovery


Val discusses her ADHD and school.


Simone recalls her struggles in school.

Love of art and DBT helped Tara work through her anxiety.

Sumi tells his story of bullying and OCD and his recovery.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Debbie discovers her deaf identity and help for mental illnes

Peer specialist adds wisdom to parenting & deaf commmunit

Eating Disorder

Eating disorder and addictions overcome through hard work.

Hear Denise's joy in recovery with OCD and Eating Disorder.

Mood Disorders

See Colleen's mood disorder recovery story grounded in art.

Therapist's brain tumor leads to mental health support.

Sara tells her story of bipolar with the help of her mother,


Alex's story of intrusive thoughts and finding the help he ne

Bailey's recovery includes helping young girls with OCD.

Susie dicusses parenting, OCD recovery and stigma.

Schizoaffective Disorder

Nneka and Lind

Schizoaffective disorder masked by substance abuse. 

A hopeful future living with schizoaffective disorder.

Substance Use Disorders

John finally accepted his alcoholism & changed his life.

Recovery with eating disorder, bipolar & addictions. 

Mark overcame substance abuse & helps fellow veterans.

Talking without Labels

Discover strengths in recovery- illness doesn't define you.


Journey of trauma & depression recovery from youth to now

Meggie shares her path of recovery from early trauma.

Lena tells her story of trauma, anxiety and life in recovery.

Youth and Parent Perspective

Ali and Alec learned how to minimize OCD's impact.

See how Cammy learned to work with her mood disorder

Parenting kids challenged

Strategies for Recovery

Classroom Strategies


Behavior support via expectation review. Kindergarten


Behavior skills built via positive consequences.


Choice increases motivation. Kindergarten

Collaborative: School, Provider and Parents

Collaboration supports levels of care, meds & resilience.

Parent, school & provider communication key to success.

Does Disclosing Help?

Sharing one's story depends on weighing pros and cons.

Should I talk about my child's illness?

Disclosure can be healthy- get support for wise choices. 

Groups and Communities

Clubhouses are environments where strengths are nurtured. 

Support groups play big role in recovery & for families.


Support groups play big role in recovery & for families.

People share role of art & art therapy in their recovery.

Parenting kids challenged

Specific Therapies

Movement therapy to address physical & emotional trauma.

People share role of art & art therapy in their recovery.

Finding the right help is a journey worth taking!

Supporting Recovery In the Classroom

Simone recalls her struggles in school.

The Road of Recovery

Facing possible relapse with your strengths and resources.

Working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Tips for effective MH services for people who are deaf.


Workplace experiences of mental health barriers & support